community educator, writer, herbalist


b. 1986, HK.


sumita dutta

community educator, writer, & herbalist


Sumita Dutta is a desi (US/India/Bangladesh) feminist making work at the intersection of nature, queerness, and diaspora. Her writing and classes invite folks to get curious about the stories and feelings our food holds.  Sumita teaches food healing classes in the US South, and more recently in Manzanillo, Costa Rica. Her work is inspired by feminists of color, somatic healing, and her Bengali family.

Sumita is constantly amazed by the wisdom our bodies hold in the journey towards personal and collective healing. She designs classes for schools, collectives, organizations, and community groups who seek to deepen their connection to each other through sharing our emotional-political relationships to food and nature.

Her most recent class, “Mother at My Back: The Hands that Haunt Our Kitchen,” calls participants to have a spiritual conversation with their kitchen presence; a person or memory from whom they have inherited the way their hands move and whose (sometimes unfulfilled) desires live an extended life through them.

Sumita is a beginner herbalist, walking a plant path which reconnects people of color and our queerness to the earth, without uncertainty of our belonging. She studied tropical plant medicine as an apprentice with Centro Ashe Herbal Education Center in 2017.

Her pedagogy is published in her Master's thesis, "Spirits in the Food: A Pedagogy for Cooking and Healing" (Georgia State University, 2016).

CV available upon request.